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Key information of CFP exam

Registration and Test Dates

The CFP examination is a six-hour, computer-based exam consisting of a combination of stand-alone, multiple-choice (20%-30%), and case-based constructed-response (70%-80%) questions. The test specifications are published in the FP Canada Blueprint: CFP Examination. Each question on the exam focuses on specific elements of the FP Canada Standards Council™ Competency Profile and integrates several financial planning areas. The CFP exam is administered twice a year and is available in English and French. The next CFP exam will take place on May 30 and 31 , 2023. and Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Registration for May 2023 closes on May 4,  2022.

CFP Test Information: About

February 15, 2023

Registration opens for May 2023 CFP exam

March 29, 2023

FP Canada Examination Preparation Webinar

April 12, 2023

Early Bird registration closes,

Last Day to request an alternate location,

Last Day to request French exam

May 4, 2023

Exam registration closes

Last Day to request change writing format, exam sitting

May 11, 2023

Last day to meet and submit all exam eligibility criteria

Last day to select online proctored exam connection start time

May 30-31, 2023

May 2023 CFP exam takes place across Canada

June 7, 2023

Last day to request an exam postponement

CFP Test Information: List

How much does the CFP cost?

The current CFP registration fee is $1025 + tax, with early bird discount

Exam Registration fee is  $850 + tax with early bird discount
Certification Fee (New & Renewal): $520 + tax

How do you register for the CFP?

You can register for the CFP on the FP Canada website before the test's deadline.

What is the Eligibility for CFP exam?

To write CFP exam, you will need to submit transcripts that indicated your successful completion of all FP Canada courses. Before the CFP exams, you must have successfully completed an FP Canada- Approved Core Curriculum education program, etc within the past four years.

Where I can take the CFP exam?

You have two options for the administrations of the CFP exams: writing the exam at an in-person testing center, or via online proctoring with your own computer from home.

What is on the CFP exam?

The CFP exam takes 6 hours. It includes stand-alone, multiple choice and case-based constructed-response questions.

  • Multiple Choice is 20%~30%

  • Constructed-response Questions is 70%~80%

What is include in the Financial planning covered in CFP?

Financial planning areas include financial management, investment planning, insurance and risk management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning and legal aspects.

How is the CFP scored?

After you completed all the required course, the exam questions focuses on specific elements and integrated several financial planning areas. The Standards can be found here:

When sould I take the CFP exam? How do I choose an CFP exam date?

The short answer: take the CFP exam when you're ready, but "ready" can be subjective. We advise students to sign up for an CFP exam date that will give them enough time to prepare without feeling like they're taking too much on or ignoring other responsibilities.

CFP Test Information: FAQ
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